Vasileios Leon
   Ph.D. student
   9 Heroon Polytechneiou, Zographou Campus

Vasilis Leon is a PhD candidate at the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, National Technical University of Athens, Greece. His research interests include FPGA/ASIC designs for DSP applications,
hardware accelerators, low-power designs, embedded systems, approximate computing, computer vision. He has participated in the following research projects of the European Space Agency: 1) “QUEENS-FPGA” (4000119331/17/NL/PS), QUality Evaluation of European New SW for BRAVE FPGA, 2) “LEOTOME” (4000126083/18/NL/FE), demonstration of visuaL basEd navigatiOn algoriThms On Myriad2 procEssor. He has also been a teaching assistant in the following undergraduate courses: “Microprocessors Laboratory”, “Digital VLSI Systems”, “Introduction to VLSI”.