EVOLVE offers new HPC-enabled capabilities in data analytics for processing massive and demanding datasets without requiring extensive IT expertise. At the centre of EVOLVE lies an advanced HPC-enabled testbed that is able to process unprecedented dataset sizes and to deal with heavy computation, while allowing shared, secure, and easy deployment, access, and use.

From: 01/12/2018 - To: 30/11/2021
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5G-PHOS is the first coordinated attempt that will draw from existing scientific results in the area of photonics in order to architect 5G networks for dense, ultra-dense and Hot-Spot areas. 5G-PHOS expects to release a seamless, interoperable, RAT-agnostic and SDN-programmable FiWi 5G network that supports 64×64 MIMO antennas in the V-band.

From: 01/09/2017 - To: 31/08/2020
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The vision of EXA2PRO is to develop a programming environment that will enable the productive deployment of highly parallel applications in exascale computing systems. The programming environment will support a wide range of scientific applications, provide tools for improving source code quality and  data and memory management optimization, include fault-tolerance mechanisms and enable efficient exploitation of exascale systems’ heterogeneity.

From: 01/05/2018 - To: 30/04/2021
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The main goal of SDK4ED is to minimize the cost, the development time and the complexity of low-energy software development processes, by providing tools for automatic optimization of multiple quality requirements, such as technical debt, energy efficiency, dependability and performance.

From: 01/01/2018 - To: 31/12/2020
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The goal of Vineyard was to develop energy-efficient, accelerator-based servers and technology for enabling the efficient, seamless integration of hardware acceleration in the data center. The deployment of energy-efficient hardware accelerators was used to improve significantly the performance of Cloud-computing applications and reduce the energy consumption in data centers.

From: 01/02/2016 - To: 31/01/2019
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AEGLE will provide a framework for Big Data analytics for healthcare that will overall enable and promote innovation activities that place “health” at the spotlight. Through AEGLE, health becomes a strategic pillar and a new market ground for business development in the field for big data analytics for healthcare.

From: 10/09/2015 - To: 11/10/2018
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