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Kiamal Pekmestzi
   9 Heroon Polytechneiou, Zographou Campus


  • Σχεδίαση ολοκληρωμένων κυκλωμάτων CMOS VLSI(3rd edition)

    Εκδόσεις Παπασωτηρίου 2010
  • Σχεδίαση ολοκληρωμένων κυκλωμάτων CMOS VLSI

    Εκδόσεις Παπασωτηρίου 1996

    Book Chapters

  • “A High Level Synthesis Exploration Framework with Iterative Design Space Partitioning,” Book Chapter in “Designing Very Large Scale Integration Systems: Emerging Trends & Challenges”

    Editors: N. Voros, A. Mukherjee, N. Sklavos, K. Masselos, M. Huebner, Springer 2011


  • Reliability Breakdown Analysis of an MP-SoC platform due to Interconnect Wear-out

    in 2nd HiPEAC Workshop on Design for Reliability (DFR’10) January 24th, 2010 Pisa, ITALY